Magnetic Trap


captures and separates magnetic particulates from the rest of the water sample stream, protecting the sample conditioning components and the analytical sensors from the potential down time and maintenance demands these particulates can cause.

The presence pf particulates in a sample stream can often cause problems for sample conditioning and analysis systems. Plugging of valves, deposits in tubing, and fouling of flowmeters and analytical sensors are a few of the problems they cause. This can jeopardize the ability of the Sample Analysis System to provide reliable samples and analytical measurements demanded by many of today’s cycle chemistry programs.

  • Plug free design
  • Maintains sample integrity by only trapping magnetite particulate
  • Pressure ratings up to 3000 PSIG at 175°F (172 bar at 79°C)
  • All magnetic trap wetted components 316 stainless steel
  • Purge-in-place
  • Optional mounting bracket and valve kits available

 Magnetic Trap Data Sheet W7000

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